Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Houseboats in Kerala, south India, are huge, slow-moving barges used for leisure trips. They are a reworked model of Kettuvallams (in the Malayalam language, Kettu means "tied with ropes", and vallam means "boat"), which, in earlier times, were used to carry rice and spices from Kuttanad to the Kochi port.
Kerala is a very popular tourist destination in the region . Kerala is known as God's Own Country . The reason for the state to come up with a name so beautiful areas alone . Rivers in the state of Kerala are a tourist hotspot . Who is caused by the rains in the month of the year . The good weather attract more tourists here . The boat service is very pretty , with jurisdiction in the State . This is it different from the other states of Kerala , India.

Tourism in alappuza based on houseboat.

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