Thursday, 13 October 2016

This photo clicked by albin thomas The north- eastern part of the African country of Tanzania and Zanzibar is a special place for himself vassal. Unguja, that many of the small islands and two large islands , called the pemba Zanzibar . On the Tanzanian shore of the great sea, 30 km away. Min . The location of the Sea islands These areas of the city with beautiful beaches . We Tanzania 's status as a separate part of the country .20,000 years ago, is the oldest area of ​​the Zanzibar culture to live with humans . Zanzibar prevailing in a particular state at a time , and then across Tanzania 's Zanzibar today , but did not want to be known , is a self- governing country in the world. Unguja Zanzibar City Zanzibar , the island 's capital . The old city , known as " Stone City " belonging to at Zanzibar City, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage city
Grand Prix , nutmeg , cinnamon and many of the crops are grown in Zanzibar found in the state. This is , by itself , Zanzibar is known as the " Land of spices ." Zanzibar is also the tourist paradise of natural beauty . The tourist trade and agriculture is the mass of spices, Zanzibar 's main source of income . Many animal creatures , found only here in the residential center of Zanzibar . The members of the animal world, the Red Colombo Zanzibar , Zanzibar leopard , and more.

Zanzibar island beautiful tourist center

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